Overcoming Fear

overcoming fearBy overcoming fear you will be on course to having control over anxiety attacks, panic attack, distress, and many disorders. Overcoming fear is the first step to overcoming anxiety, and many wellness coaches, life coaches as well, will always focus on how to improve confidence. Why is that? Because confidence is the gateway to overcoming anxiety and other panic disorders because you will have the certainty of how to cope with the state of your life. Gandhi said, “Fear is the root of all evil. Better live a single day fearlessly than living a long but fearful life. Especially, never fear another human being. Fear is the root of all relationship problems.”  If you live in fear, then you are living a life that is out of your control.






Overcoming Fear

overcoming fearWhen there is fear, there is never any joy, happiness, or purpose. If you knew before you were born that your life was going to be filled with fear each and every day, would you want to live that way? Would you choose to go through with it? Accepting this fate is accepting a sad, distressing life.  Furthermore, when Gandhi said to “never fear another human being – fear is the root of all relationship problems,” can you relate? Are you in current relationships with people (be it friends, family, or partners) that you fear? Perhaps it is fearing they will leave you, fearing they don’t love you, fearing what they think of you… This is no way to live. You are letting other people control your life – and where is the purpose in that? Where is the value of your life if someone else is living it for you? Thus, the first step is to improve your confidence, which will then, in turn, eliminate your fears – whatever they may be.


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overcoming fearAccording to Robert Greene, “At some point, this defensive position of overcoming fears becomes an offensive one; a fearless attitude.” Developing the mindset of approaching life with original thought and leadership, and not caring about conformity or approval, will bring you attention and power. Additionally, coming from an unconventional and unconventional  approach will provoke a sense of urgency and public interest.  Love him or hate him, take Donald Trump as an example. President Donald Trump had a completely unorthodox approach to the presidential elections with zero political experience; he did not care about conformity or approval. He expressed original thought, which caused a great sense of urgency, and Trump ultimately won the presidential elections. James Baldwin said,  “People who cannot suffer can never grow up, can never discover who they are…”  If you  choose to seek shelter by hiding behind fear you are only disservicing yourself because you are robbing yourself from adventure, growth in the areas of problem-solving, and self-discovery.


overcoming fearHow can you apply this in your life? Consider everything you currently fear – public speaking, moving away from home, or anything else. Now, think about how much these fears impact your life in some way – or how they have impacted your life. Has a fear prevented you from pursuing a particular career or passion? Has a fear prevented you from becoming your best self? When you overcome your fears, you become extremely powerful. You grow upwards, you self-discover, and you unleash your true potential. When you hold onto fears, you are never reaching your potential, but instead are always hindered from reaching that point – because there is always something holding you back. Be offensive, be fearless, and relish in all of the opportunities, success, and growth that comes with it.


Take The First Step To Overcoming Fear

overcoming fearJoseph Campbell said, “When it comes to taking on a new adventure, many fail to take the first step.” Fear is an unpleasant emotion not only because of the fright but because of the many ways that trepidation holds many individuals back in life. We are born with a pioneering spirit, and failing to take the first step toward a new journey in life, is failing what it is to be human. Our ancestors lived in frightening times, and you owe it to your heritage to become detached from whatever it is holding you back and continue to pursue your muse. Robert Greene said, “Many of us respond to the shifting of our circumstances by trying to micromanage everything in our immediate environment.”  Those who become fearless are not afraid of change or chaos; instead, they embrace it, and all of the feelings that come with it.  Social anxiety, forces that cause panic attacks, situational distress, these are all instruments of power, which can only be taken advantage of after you start taking the steps towards overcoming your fears.  When you take action towards overcoming fear you begin shifting circumstances which formulate new opportunities that work in your favor.  With that said, the only way to  create and take advantage of new opportunities is if you become fearless and take the first step into a new adventure.


overcoming fearThis is why so many people today (the most common mental illness in the United States, to be precise) have anxiety. This anxiousness stems from an ancient fear that was necessary for survival those hundreds of years ago. It’s what kept us alive, and it’s what gives you that “flight” or “fight” response when in a dangerous situation. So, while at times, anxiety can be useful; it’s not useful when it becomes a disorder and a part of everyday life. Anxiety makes people fearful of the tiniest, most unharmful things, like speaking their minds, accepting a challenge, being a good speaker, and more. When you become fearless and EMBRACE these scary situations rather than running, you come out stronger, more confident, and you exploit the new opportunities given to you. Talk to that girl you never have the courage to say a word to. Ask for a pay rise if you think you deserve it. Go lift some weights in the gym. The only thing limiting yourself from doing these things is YOU – nothing or no one else. The moment you make this realization and become fearless, nothing can stop you except fear itself.



nolan mcdonnell



When Overcoming Fear, Never Give Up, Never Be Defeated

overcoming fearA.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, “We should not give up, and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.”  Problem-solving is the heart of our economy, innovation, and is what drives the progression of humanity.  For example, the horse and buggy created transportation other than walking, the gasoline engine replaced horses, and now electric vehicles are replacing fossil-fueled engines, all in the name of problem-solving.  William Pollard once said, “Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”  Change will inevitebly happen whether you choose to accept it or not.  With that said,  you can choose to either be an innovator, or a leader, and create an outcome of your choice, or, be a follower and succumb to your changing environment around you.  By taking the initiative and becoming the leader of your fate, you are doing so by embodying the fearless approach to self-discovery.  With that said, overcoming fear will help you overcome the anxiety that comes with embarking upon new paths in life.


overcoming fearHave you ever thought to yourself, “I just wish things were different.”  If circumstances never change then things can never be different.   You can never expect your problems, or your fears,  to disappear if you never take action towards making the change that you wish to see in your life.  With that said, nobody can create a sustainable change that you want see in in your life, and if they could the chances are slim that the yeilded outcome would be what you had in mind for yourself, so ultimatley the action for change needs to come from you, and doing so so will also help you to become more self-reliant and capable of overcoming challenges, teach you coping mechanisms for overcoming anxiety, and make you resilient towards life’s ups nd downs.  You can stand around and let things happen before you and all around you, or you can create your own path; a path designated for you. Change is inevitable in the world, but the outcome of this change can be altered if you are willing to put your mind/body to work, accept the challenge, and reap the rewards for doing so. In this case, the reward can be overcoming anxiety and fears if you take initiative and manifest your own destiny.


nolan mcdonnell



You Are Always On A Path

fear of the unknownJoseph Campbell said, “Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path, you are not on your own path. If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.”  You will never allow the self discovery process to happen without first stepping into the unknown.  Additionally, you continue to live as a prisoner of fear if you fail to take the first step into the unknown, where the personal transformation process takes place.  Robert Greene once mentioned, “The key to possessing this supreme power is to assume the active mode in dealing with your fears. This means entering the very arena’s you normally shy away from…”  You cannot overcome your life’s challenges, reach your full potential, or make progress in life by becoming complacent.  On that note, many people become complacent because they have reached marginal success and the fear of loss starts kicking in.   To overcome your fears, you must confront them to put the trouble behind you.


Following in the footsteps of others is the worst thing you can do. Sure, you can take inspiration from their successes, stories, and achievements – but you shouldn’t model these. It is truthfully a scary and difficult process to be more independent, but the rewards for doing so are immense. You become your own person. You write your own story and successes, and, in turn, people can learn from you. You don’t want to be known as “that” person whose path you followed. You want to be distinguishable and recognized for your own achievements.


Maximizing your potential isn’t possible until you confront the abyss, deal with your fears, and embrace challenges. Only then can you change the course of your life, and, thus, your success. Don’t let others suppress your talents or potential – discard those who would go against your ambitions or remain unsupportive, as they would only hinder your progress. Be more decisive with your actions, and learn from your mistakes – which is the only true way of moving forward. When your intentions feel reserved, consider what is making them so. Are you making excuses? Are you living someone else’s life or your own? What do YOU want?








There is nothing more powerful than being fearless. Along with being fearless comes a wide variety of traits, including confidence, eagerness, excitement, and the embracing of change and challenge. This then leads to a new range of opportunities – perhaps in your career development, hobby pursuits, or something else entirely.   If you could be afraid your entire life or be fearless – which one would you choose? Everyone naturally wants to be fearless, but they don’t realize that the only thing stopping them from being fearless is themselves.


People blame their fears on everything else besides themselves. They blame it on fear of being judged, shamed, hurt, stressed… But these are only effects of what you conjure in your head.  Quit being scared and get what you want out of life and if you get hurt, or fail, then you will have the personal experince that will bring you one tep closer to success.  Your fears will most certainly hold you back if you let them.

With that said, not only does being fearless help tremendously throughout life in many different ways, but it also means your life isn’t wasted. You maximize your potential. You take risks and reap the benefits – and while at times you will make mistakes, the beauty of it is learning from them to become better, stronger, and overall improved.


nolan mcdonnell



Nolan McDonnell is a life coach of motivation, not by regurgitating motivational quotes, abstract theories of motivation, or by dropping an ostentatious motivational phrases on you.  Instead, Coach Nolan takes the stance of putting in work and let your results speak volumes.  While it is wonderful that life coaches, wellness coaches, and anybody else who spews out motivational quotes, these motivational phrases are not enough to make a permanent positive impact on other people’s lives.  If you seek motivational quotes, theories of motivation, and motivational phrases, that is great.  However, if you are seeking motivational quotes, theory’s of motivation, and an inspirational life coach who is dedicated to delivering you real results is optimal.  With that said, Nolan McDonnell delivers beyond what the typical life or wellness coach provides by yielding results that exceed your expectations.  Motivation is crucial for any success in life and sometimes you need motivation to make that first step.  With that said, I strongly urge you achieve motivation of a life time my taking a taking a course on motivation.


Motivation comes in the form of life coaches, in fact, the best life coach will give you motivation through motivational quotes, which are a collection on motivational words, and the best life coach will teach you personal motivation by telling you these motivational words, and motivational quotes, but being a living example of motivation as well


overcoming fear

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