Power of Attitude

Nolan McDonnellMany people have dreams and aspirations in life however, they lose touch of what they really wanted for their life when adversity strikes.  They set their desires aside, forget that they are the captain of their ship, and ultimately lose confidence in our hopeful future for themselves.  Being optimistic, and looking for solutions instead of problems, is a start, however, a positive attitude alone is not enough to put one’s life back on track.  You must have a goal, believe in yourself, a realistic step-by-step plan of action to make your vision a reality, intentions of being better than you were the day before, and be open minded for change.





Many of us want to improve the condition of our life, or aspire to become someone that we attach value to, but are held back by emotions such as fear, uncertainty, or become resistant to change.  The truth is, the only thing that is necessary to start living the life that you want for yourself is to embrace change.  The past does not exist anymore, so it does not define who you are or shape your destiny.  Life is a journey where you must focus on solutions instead of problems, let go of the past, and step into the future.


nolan mcdonnell


Thoughts of Failure

nolan mcdonnell

Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  There is no such thing as failure.  Sure, life is a rough road, and it gets bumpy at times, but those bumps in the road are not stop signs, they are merely speed bumps.  Everybody has problems, unfortunate circumstances, frustrations, disappointments, however, failure, or success, is not about what happens, it is a result of how we choose to deal with our setbacks.  Tony Robbins once said, “Success is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is the result of experience. Experience is often the result of bad judgment.”  There is no such thing as failure because failure is necessary to succeed.


Power of our Attitude

motivationOur attitudes, values, and beliefs create the foundation of our existence.  Most people interpret a belief as a real thing when in actuality it is a feeling of certainty, which is a building block of the state of our existence.  For example, you can choose what to believe about yourself, what you are capable of, what you’re worth, and these beliefs will determine the course of actions that you will take in the near future.  We can have a helpful attitude and start the journey up the ladder of success, stay stagnant, or willfully terminate our chances of achieving the life that you want for yourself.  Whichever choice you choose to make, the decision starts with your attitude.


nolan mcdonnell



The Need for Change

Nolan McDonnellEveryday I ask myself, “Is what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?” Many people want to change the way they feel, especially if life has become mundane or challenging.  Moreover, Many individuals want what they do not have.  Furthermore, the people who do not want to work for  what they do not have do not want to risk losing what they presently have, are afraid of failure, or, they are afraid of change.  One way of changing how you feel in these circumstances is by shifting what you are focused on.  What you focus on expands and as Dr. Wayne Dyer one said, “The state of your life is a reflection of the state of your mind.”  If you wanted to feel good right now, could you? You could focus on events of your life that made you happy, moments in the past where you were filled with laughter and humor, or think beautiful thoughts that bring you a sense of calmness and peace.  On that note, I am going to leave you with a FREE exercise that you can apply in your endeavors when you choose to put in the effort and work for what you want in life.



You can remember this method by it’s acronym, KFC.

K- Know what you want.

F- Fix what does not work until you find something that does.  Do not quit, have a determinized spirit a never give up attitude.

C- Continue changing and adapting to change until you achieve what you want.



Our attitude has the power to create the world that we want to live in.  


Nolan McDonnellNicolas Boothman said, “Your mind and your body are part of the same system. They influence each other. When you’re happy, you look happy and when you sound happy, you use happy words.“  Your imagination is one of the strongest forces in your body.  Your imagination can make you drift away to other places, give you inspiration to become better at a certain skill, and it can affect your attitude by making you feel either terrific or completely miserable, use it for your advantage.  For example, it does not take much imagination to act with really useless attitudes such as impatience, boredom, anger, cynicism, or being pessimistic, None of which will ever produce positive effects on your life or create positive opportunities in your life.  However, if you change your perspective, you can find opportunity in almost any challenging circumstances if you shift yourself from a useless attitude, to a helpful attitude, even if that means helping yourself.


Our attitude sets the quality and mood of your thoughts, your vocal tone, your spoken words, and most importantly, they govern your body language and how you react to circumstances whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.  Additionally, our attitudes are like trays on which we serve ourselves to other people, it is our nonverbal communication that we are presenting to the world.  With that said,   once your mind is set into a particular attitude, you have little ongoing conscious control over the signals your body sends out.  Your body has a mind of its own, and will play out the patterns of behavior associated with whatever attitude you find yourself experiencing.  With that said, no matter what you do or where you live, the quality of your attitude determines the quality of your relationships, most importantly, relationship that you have with yourself.


Nolan McDonnell


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2 thoughts on “Power of Attitude

  1. Great article, Nolan! All of your tips, are so true & helpful. Thank you! I really needed to read that today. Been going through a rough time lately. I am going to try to change my thoughts, like you wrote. Maybe I will actually get some sleep tonight! 🌝


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