Intense Intent will Manifest

“Hey Nolan, would you mind if I interviewed you for a documentary about paralysis?”  I went down to Los Angeles, six hours away from my house to learn how to walk at a paralysis recovery center called Next Step.  Being excited about doing my first interview for the media I asked the videographer if it was okay if my filmed me getting interviewed with my phone and if I recorded the interview from my GoPro as well.  To get to the point, I needed a screenshot of the interview for the homepage of this website and, unbelievably, the memory on my phone got destroyed causing me to reset my phone and lose ALL of my data.  I told myself, “Everything is fine because everything is backed up on the cloud and I still have the footage on my GoPro.”

That was not the case.

Yesterday when I popped the micro SD card into my computer a window popped up which read, “Corrupted SD card.  Reformat your drive. Reformatting will cause corrrupted files and data loss.”

It’s okay.  I have the backup on the cloud, right? Wrong.

I did not have reliable Wifi at the hotel that I was staying at so my phone never backed up.

The picture of me getting my first interview was gone forever.

I began researching how to recover files from an empty SD card, I reformatted it by this time, and all of the tech forums and software companies said that if I did recover my files, the majority of them would be corrupted

With that said….

After spending a staggering ten hours trying to locate this photo I thought it was time to bite the bullet, pay the sixty dollars for the data recovery software and see what happens.

Purchase made

Software downloaded

Software running

SD Card Scanned

Files Recovered.

I went to check for the video with the video of my interview….  EVERY FILE IS CORRUPTED AND NON OPERABLE.

In a desperate act of retrieval I check the photo bin, I took a video not a photo.


But I found ONE photo.

A picture of me getting my first interview.


law of attraction


law of attraction

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