Standing Firm on Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs

nolan mcdonnellRyuho Okawa said, “If we do not challenge ourselves again and again, we will never be able to accomplish anything.”  New challenges give you fresh ideas by bending the mind around problems, which expands your thinking, and forces the mind to think in new ways that it never has never done before.  Where the challenge lies is the fact that as people, we are creatures of habit, and to much change too fast is traumatizing and can cause rebellion.  For example, if you started a new job, in a management position,  and you reformed the employee structure too fast, you will be faced with resentment and resistance.  However, if you introduce new and innovative ideas, with the pretense that you are suggesting a gentle change to the old way of doing things, transformation will take place over a period of time.  On that note, if you were going to apply any self-help principles to your life, while it is great to have an open mind to change, you should never assume that anybody has all of the answers and you must realize that everything is worth questioning for an underlying meaning , purpose, or reason.

law of attraction nolan mcdonnell




My name is Nolan McDonnell and I am from San Jose, CA.  I have a traumatic brain injury from being shot in the head.  My full name is Nolan Thomas McDonnell.  Anyway, this is  a story about a strange day I had while recovering from my TBI, I hope you enjoyed reading it.



My name is Nolan McDonnell and I am from San Jose, CA.  On April 23, 2017 I was shot in the head while sitting in my parked car.  I went to Prospect High School in San Jose, CA.  I have a body transformation video called Nolan McDonnell Body Transformation.

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