An Example of Intent

I had a friend who went through his girlfriends belongings, looking for evidence that she was cheating on him.  My friends girlfriend was not cheating on him, however, he was digging through her belongings, wrong on his part, with the intention of finding problems.  With that said, when my friend found, and read, a  love letter that she kept from an old high school sweetheart.  My friend was so upset that while his girlfriend was in the bathroom he climbed out her bedroom window and ran home.  When my friend got home he attempted to seek comfort by confiding in his grandmother and she flipped on him by saying, “The shame is not on her, the shame is on you.  You violated her privacy with the intention of finding problems and now you are seeking sympathy for finding what you were looking for.”  If you go out looking for problems then trouble is what you will find.”  Your intention going in scenarios will dictate the results you get out, whether that is positive or negative.


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2 thoughts on “An Example of Intent

  1. Very nice story! 🙂 The intention is a very powerful force. It drives attention and attention attracts the kinds of things we give focus to. Focusing on problems give rise to problems. Focusing on positive things attract more positive things. So simple. 🙂


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