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Nolan McDonnell

Imagine if I were to host a webinar about the turning points in our our lives that change life as we know it forever.  I will share my story about being robbed at gunpoint, shot in the head, becoming paralyzed, losing my dogs, home, everything and how I work every day to get better, fight for my life, and share the fact that there are no excuses to go after and achieve what you want in life.  You will receive a new perspective, and appreciation for life,  as you watch a video timeline, as I am being interviewed by a radio host,  detailing my life events that leads up to the moment when my brains were blown out of my skull, left me as paraplegic, and how I am using this moment to live the life that I always wanted for myself.  In return, you will feel better about yourself and become inspired to go after what you want in life and I can use the money to pay for college.  Forty-five-minute Q&A, and virtual meet and greet, at the end of webinar.

keep in mind, there is no webinar, this is an assignment for my class were I am learning how to do a “feasibility analysis.”


Nolan McDonnell

2 thoughts on “Webinar Poll

  1. Dear Nolan; a young man that inspires and that I admire…. with TED talks free online, I do not think people attend – even to a superhero. Somehow, you have to get out there so that you are seen as a superhero that will teach and show others how to accomplish what they want.


    1. Relax, it is only a homework assignment in my business class to learn how to analyze public attitudes towards new products. This is just part of my marketing program, so no big deal. Thank you for your time and effort in giving me your explanation, your insight really helps with giving me the experience I need in my marketing management program 😊


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