How do I overcome adversity? How do I overcome hardship? These are some of the most common questions asked by people who are emotionally shattered by a life-changing incident or stuck in a long phase of pain and despair.
rolling storm cloudsHardships are an intrinsic part of life, and no matter from where you belong or what you do for a living; you cannot stop hard times from affecting you life in one way or the other.  The degree of hardships may differ, but every single person on this planet has to go through some kind of adversity and pain in his/her lifetime.
Overcoming hardships is an essential life skill that every individual must be prepared for.  Because, how you choose to react in your adverse circumstances is exactly what makes you different from others. The reason behind this is the fact that there is no greater thing than tragedy and adversity to bring out the true character and strength of an individual.
Overcoming hardships does not mean that you have to hide your pain or tears behind a strong façade and seem to move on in life. Instead, overcoming hardships is more about embracing your true circumstances, acknowledge your pain, heal and finally take action to emerge out as a stronger and improved version of yourself.  So, here are seven useful tips to for overcoming hardships and starting your new life journey as an evolved person.


Look At The Hardship As A New Beginning –

green signal lightOne of the first things you must do to overcome any hardship is to change your outlook and see adversity as the beginning of a new phase in your life.  You must believe that every end leads to a new beginning, and it is actually the most difficult times that eventually become a turning point in your life.

In order to use hardships in your stride, you must leave fear behind and open up yourself to experience new connections, explore new places and do new things that you never imagined to be capable of doing. Perhaps, looking back you will realize that it was actually your biggest hardships and struggles that enriched you with such wisdom and important life-lessons that no other experience could ever teach you in your entire lifetime. In fact the true nature of any hardship, be it failure or loss of a loved one, is to break you down, only to make you emerge stronger than ever before.



Prepare To Suffer Or Prepare To Heal –
women'S FITNESS CLASSNo matter what happens to you in this life and how much you suffer, the choice is yours to make. Any hardship and adversity leaves you with a choice to either keep suffering or overcoming it with your inner strength and will power.

If you truly want to get over a crisis in your life, then you ought to create and pursue new opportunities that can bring you closer to some kind of personal progress. It is always an easier option to suffer or see yourself as a victim of your circumstances, but it is always a wise thing to do to heal and grow by exploring real time solutions in order to challenge your adversity.



Find Meaning In The Suffering –

chillin on a cliffSometimes, you will feel that life is unfair to you and you do not deserve any of the things that are happening to you. But, the truth is that whether good or bad, everything in your life happens for a reason. By looking closely, you will realize that each experience or failure in your life has helped you learn something new and move your life towards a new and fulfilling direction.

So, in the process of coping with your struggles, you must introspect and learn from your experiences, as it is the only thing that will help overcome any of your future life challenges.



Focus On Solutions And Not The Problem –
Connecting PUZZLE piecesWhether you are dealing with the death of a loved one, loss in business, an accident or any other tragedy in the family, overcoming hardships is all about growth and giving your best in the worst of situations. Therefore, in order to evolve and grow, it is extremely important for you to stay optimistic and pursue new opportunities instead on focusing on your problem. If you continue to feel weak and helpless, your problems will win over you and leave you with no chance to evolve as a stronger and better person.



See The Positive Side In Everything –
palm treeAn optimistic attitude plays a huge role in helping you overcome adversity. For, if you have an optimistic approach towards life, you will look for opportunity in even the most difficult of times. For, instance, getting fired from a job gives you the opportunity to work towards realizing your true passion and build your future around it.

So, even in the hardest times of your life, you must never give up hope and keep looking for new opportunities to live a life of your dreams. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to accept your adversity, recover from it and take charge of your life. There is no doubt about the fact that you cannot avoid suffering from your life, but it is absolutely possible for you to thrive and grow even despite your hardships.


nolan mcdonnell


Take Action –
victoryYou need to understand that victimizing your-self and expecting others to help you in adversity will bear you no results. It is your struggle, hence it is necessary for you to take the initiative to help your-self first.

Your own perspective and attitude towards your struggle plays a huge role attracting the right solution for your problem. For instance, if you feel that your situation is hopeless and no one can save you from it, you are yourself attracting a negative reaction from the people and environment around you. On the contrary, if you are willing to take some action and display an inner strength and courage to overcome any hardship, the people around you too will react positively with a constructive solution.



Always Be Confident In Your Own Strength And Ability To Keep Moving Forward –

Situations and roles of people will change, but adversity in some or the other form will always remain one of the biggest challenges of your life.  So, once you understand that adversity is inevitable in life, you must make yourself an expert at confronting and overcoming it.  Cultivate emotional strength, confidence, resilience and courage, and you will always come out as a winner in all your life’s difficult phases.  Hence, the best way to overcome adversity is to train and equip your-self with the right tools like, determination and perseverance to keep moving forward on the path of growth and success.

On the whole, the only way to overcome hardships in your life is to use them to your advantage.  Be friends with your hard times, because your struggles are what end up being the best teachers and guides of your life.  Always remember that you can either win over your hardships or let your hardships win over you.  So the choice is always yours to make.



Nolan McDonnell



  1. What an honest response! You are absolutely right, Nolan. It’s all in the way you perceive things. And I agree completely that every adversity in our lives, were meant to teach you something. You just have to take the time to figure out what lesson you can learn. Thanks for teaching by example! You are very inspiring! Keep up the great work!


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