2 thoughts on “Ignoring A Crush To Get Her To Like You: Does It Work?

  1. This article is pretty ridiculous and has the stereotypical view that all men “chase” women. I have never been one to approach women, in a social setting or at the workplace. The cheesy one-liner approach is just not my style. All the women I’ve dated in my life “approached” me first. For me, it shows that they are interested in me and eliminates the need to try and impress a women into liking me. A girl at work noticed I was no longer wearing my wedding ring. She is an attractive women and was obviously accustom to guys approaching her and paying a lot of attention to her. She started asking around about me at work to try to get the scoop on my current relationship status. This got back to me but I paid little attention to her. I think it drove her crazy and my guess is she could not understand why I was not “all over her”. One day she cornered me in my cubical and insisted we go out sometime. We have been dating for a year now. So to each his own. There is no right way to start a relationship. My advice is just be yourself, be patient, read verbal and nonverbal cues and see what happens.


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