Nolan McDonnell

250+ FREE Brain Games!

Nolan McDonnell


Nolan McDonnell

Hello, my name is Nolan McDonnell and I have had a TBI for four years.  I have made brain games for myself and I want to share them with you as well.  Also, while you are here, why don’t you click through some pages and blog posts and find something that you like? And by the way, check out my home page because I have two free e-books there that will give you the inspiration that we all need in today’s world :).

Nolan McDonnell



One thought on “250+ FREE Brain Games!

  1. I’m a speech pathologist and have been following you for a bit. I just learned the cause of your TBI. I’m more amazed at your recovery than I was before. You are the epitome of “no excuses.” Would love to see the brain games. Always looking for new ways to stimulate my adult population.
    Just Wow!!!
    Sincerely, Shannon Wilkinson


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