Falling Down And Getting Back Up

coachnolan.com coach nolanI was getting transferred to my second hospital, which was seven hours away, and I was told that the transport vehicle was going to be a luxury RV, which sounded great considering I was on a rotation of twenty-two pain medications, off life support for a week, and it was 122 degrees outside.  Upon being told that transport arrived, I was injected with a generous dose of dilaudid, Valium, and an assortment of other drugs before being rushed out to a beaten down 1989 Toyota Previia, not the picture of “Luxury RV that I was led to believe.  To make matters worse, after the transporters got me on a stretcher and my mom in in the back, the air conditioner broke.  I was already heated, pun intended about the retired soccer mom van with no AC in the desert summer situation, however, I completely lost my cool when I heard the driver on the phone.  “Yeah boss, the van became disabled, the engine over heated, it’s completely shutdown…  We need a second transport vehicle.”  This time I was promised a Mercedes however, I knew better then to believe these people, again.  With that said, when the pain medication wore off, my catheter broke, and found myself in so much agony that I began violently puking  and urinating on myself, while my head is wrapped and I am still bleeding from my skull, I reminded myself that if I cannot control my circumstances, I can always control my attitude and how I react to them.



almadenColin Powell said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  Everybody has unfortunate circumstances, problems, and when my turn came I accepted it,  because hardship is part of life.  With that being said, it is not your problems that matter,  it is how your problems positively impact your life that counts. At the end of the day, our present circumstances are only temporary and  will become empty and meaningless as we evolve. Ryuho Ho said, “No matter how tough our lives become, in the final analysis, we all pass on from this world and all our problems die with us.  We are here to spend the time we have in accepting the problems this life gives us and using them to cultivate growth in our souls.” In every problem there are opportunities and solutions.  Nobody should succumb to negative self talk, discouragement, or fear, that will only stunt your growth.   With the bottom line is, when life goes unplanned you cannot complain, you can never lose hope, and you can leverage adversity  to find unique opportunities to grow from your challenges and problems.


almaden hoyerRyuho Okawa said, “There are any number of exams that people may use to judge you, but people change over time. I learned through my own experiences that what really matters is the attitude of mine that you will cultivate.“  Many individuals complain more than they acknowledge what they are grateful for, gracefully find solutions, or think beautiful thoughts that brings them joy. When you complain and become fixated on a negative mind frame you become stuck, because your problematic energy becomes part of the problem.  Additionally, dwelling on negativity only brings that matters back into existence by you breathing life on it. Furthermore, you cannot find positive outcomes in negative places, so it is best to remove your pessimistic attitude from your mind. Zach Cutler said, “Life is filled with difficulties. How we confront our challenges is precisely what makes us great.”  Your attitude towards adversity and challenges is nothing more than a filter that separates you from the rest of the crowd. For example, Iit is easy to become jealous, speak negatively, and cast other individuals in a negative light. However, When you begin to look at other people, and life circumstances, from a perspective of gratitude add acknowledge the abilities, attributes, efforts, and achievements, this alone is a very strong indicator  that we have grown beyond barriers of our own. With that said, the art of embracing yourself as you are in the present moment is one of the greatest keys to finding happiness, and this is speaking about life in general.


IMG_4375 (1)Rhonda Byrne said, “There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstances of your life can change.”  When you lose hope you are forfeiting your independence, purpose, and potential. Life will move on with or without you and when you give up on yourself you will become a pawn for someone who kept their dreams alive.  For example, during the recession, I had a construction company going and I was starving, had to return tools so I could eat, sometimes I had to sell tools for gas money so I could get to a job site. After spending my last dollar on marketing, finding my car to be repossessed, getting served with a court order to pay my residential lease in full and move out, I felt like the whole world was against me and I wanted to give up.  Feeling defeated somebody told me, “Don’t give up. Right now is the time to establish yourself, when everybody else is closing down. People will see value in somebody who never quit when everybody else did.” Shortly after that conversation I was called to give an estimate for two projects totaling $60,000. If I gave up I would not have found financial independence and life would have continued without me, leaving me in a rut behind.  With that said, you can never lose hope because there is no such thing as a hopeless situation and you can always develop success from failures.


paralDale Canagie said,  “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” The face of discouragement is a call to adventure, a transformative journey to become larger than your obstacle.  By succumbing to discouragement, you are refusing to evolve. For example, Abraham Lincoln lost eight political races for various offices, however, despite these setbacks, Lincoln never gave up because he was committed to leaving an impact on this country.  With that said, Lincoln overcame eight previous failures by becoming one of the most well-respected and successful presidents in United States history. Henry Ford said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.“ Discouragement is not a time to quit, it is merely a moment when you should reassess, regroup, and approach the matter in an effective way with intent and determination.

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