The Power of Positive Affirmations & Attitude

There’s a simple yet forgotten fix to overcoming self-sabotaging and negative thoughts – and that’s positive affirmations.

These are positive statements that encourage you to challenge these thoughts.

When used consistently, and when you firmly believe in them, you can change your negative thoughts and redirect them towards positivity.

When you practice positive affirmations (“positive thinking”) and self-empowerment, you are telling yourself how you want to be, feel, improve, or change positively.

This positive type of thinking is done in a way that “affirms” its truth or its progress to the truth. So essentially, you are brainwashing yourself into positive thinking – which is a good thing!



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Creating this new lifestyle of yourself, one that is rich with positive thinking, you aren’t just helping yourself but potentially others around you, too. Positive energy undoubtedly radiates to others.

But did you know that there are also different types of positive affirmations? In this article, discover these different types and the incredible benefits of positive affirmations.

By the end, you will have an entirely new perspective on just how powerful positivity can be.

The Different Types of Affirmations

Affirmations can come in many different types of forms, and there are some that work particularly well for certain people and others that don’t. It’s best to find the way that works best for you and your goals.


writingThe first is writing down your positive affirmations.

An example of this would be writing down everything you are thankful for, therefore being mindful of all the things that are going right for you at that moment in your life.

This reinforces what you should be thankful for and encourages you to find ways to focus on the positive.

You could keep a journal nearby at all times, and when you are feeling grateful or you need a little support, start writing down everything positive that comes to your mind.

This could be “I’m thankful for this food on my table” or “I’m thankful for the wonderful people in my life who care about me.”

Try it now and see what comes to mind. Writing it out will make you understand it and appreciate it more.

As you write down these feelings and thoughts, you should also begin to see a pattern form where you need to balance the four most important fundamentals of life – your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sense of self.

When these are balanced evenly and equally, you support yourself completely as an individual.

You can read more about this ideology at the Four Pillars post discussion.

Visual Cues/Reminders

These are sometimes easier ways for people to remember and get associated with positive affirmations.

Generally, these are a picture with a written message attached. An example could be a poster of a famous woman with a quoted message written on it.

If it’s hung up in a popular room, such as the kitchen or bedroom, you would see it every day to be reminded to stay positive.

Other reminders might be sticky notes with messages on them or even an alarm to remind you to take a moment and run positive thoughts through your mind.

These can be great for people who are often forgetful or have a lot on their shoulders at the moment. Taking the time to write down positive affirmations might be too much for you, so the visual cues could be the best option.


big pile of booksThere are plenty of books and audiobooks out there with empowering, positive messages. There is a lot written by famous and successful people who have a more appealing image.

These are the people that most strive to become, so their message is read carefully and interpreted clearly.

The great part is that these successful people will talk about difficult, challenging times that they went through and how they overcame them, thus relating to your personal conflicts, too.

When you look up to someone, and they share their own challenges, you feel as though you can relate more to what they are saying, and incorporate their strategies and way of thinking into your own life.

Audiobooks are also great for those who struggle to focus on reading a book.

These can feel more like listening to the radio or podcasts rather than reading, and you might receive the message more precisely.


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Positive People

Canva - Silhouette of Man Raising His HandsBeing around positive or like-minded people will ultimately shape how you feel as a person. We are humans, and we crave that social interaction with other people.

When you spend time with like-minded people who are also focusing on a more positive self, they can help you by providing their own positive affirmations.

Perhaps you’re at the brink of breaking – your friends can change this whole outcome with a simple bit of motivation or encouragement.

For example, you are struggling to keep up your diet and exercising because you have other things to focus on.

Your friends might provide some powerful affirmations that will redirect your thinking toward a positive outcome.

These are the type of friends you want!

Guided Affirmations

Guided affirmations are typically in the form of someone or something helping guide your positive thinking, youtube has many guided affirmations to choose from.

Essentially, this relates to some of the previous types, such as friends and books, because these are materials and things that are guiding you to a positive outcome.

But the most important method of guided affirmations is therapists or psychologists who can help guide your mind away from negative thinking.

People with anxiety, stress, or depression find this to be helpful because it is hard for them to start on their own.

But once they have that guided start, usually they begin to make these positive affirmations on their own. They just needed a little help to find their way.

This could be for you if you find yourself shying away from positive thinking or if you often experience endless negative thoughts.

The Benefits of Positive Affirmations

There is so much that positive affirmations and a positive attitude can do for you – even for those who aren’t suffering from a mental illness like depression.

Among the best (and obvious) are:

  • Reduced or entirely blocked out negativity
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people & things
  • Improved heart health with less stress
  • More optimistic as a person
  • Noticeable good results
  • Happier mood and better general wellbeing
  • Improved focus, acceptance, gratitude & perspective
  • You will be more grateful and appreciative
  • Speedier recovery following injury
  • You will attract positive people in your life

Who doesn’t want to feel that good?

The process starts with positive thinking and a positive attitude.

Surround yourself with positive people and enrich your life with empowering affirmations to battle for that happy life you’ve always dreamed of living.

After that, nothing will have the potential to bring you down.

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