Fear can cause an anxiety attack, panic attack, distress, and many disorders.  Overcoming fear is the first step to overcoming anxiety, and many wellness coaches, life coaches as well, will always focus on how to improve confidence.  Why is that? Because confidence is the gateway to overcoming anxiety and other panic disorders because you will have the certainty of how to cope with the state of your life. Gandhi said, ““Fear is the root of all evil. Better live a single day fearlessly than living a long but fearful life. Especially, never fear another human being. Fear is the root of all relationship problems.”  If you live in fear then you are living a life that is out of your control.



Overcoming Fear

overcoming fearAccording to Robert Greene, “At some point this defensive position of overcoming fears becomes an offensive one. a fearless attitude.”  Devloping the mindset  of approaching life with original thought and leadership, and not caring about conformity or approval, will bring you attention and power.  Additionally. coming from an unconventional and an unorthodox approach will provide a sense of boldness and urgency.  Love him or hate him, take Donald Trump as an example.  President Donald Trump had a complete unorthodox approach to the presidential electins with zero political experience, he did not care about conformity or approval. he expressed original thought, which caused a great sense of urgency and Trump ultimatley won the presidential elections.  James Baldwin said,  “People who cannot suffer can never grow up, can never discover who they are…”  If you remain fearful you are only doing yourself a disservice because you are robbing yourself from adventure, growth in the areas of problem solving, and self-discovery.


Take The First Step To Overcoming Fear

how to overcome fearJoseph Campbell said, “When it comes to taking on a new adventure, many fail to take the first step.”  Fear is an unpleasant emotion not only because of the fright, but because of the many ways that trepidation holds many individuals back in life.    We are born with a pioneering spirit and Failing to take the first step, toward a new journey in life, is failing what it is to be human.  Our ancestors lived in frightening times and you owe it to your heritage to become detached from whatever it is holding you back and continue to pursue your muse.  Robert Greene said, “Many of us respond to the shiftting of our circumstance by trying to micromanage everything in our immediate environment.”  Those who become fearless are not afraid of change or chaos instead, they embrace it.  Changing of circumstances provide new oppurtunities to be exploited.  With that said, you can only take advantage of new oppurtiniies if you become fearless the first step into a new adventure.




When Overcoming Fear, Never Give Up, Never Be Defeated

how to overcome fearA.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, “We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.”  Problem solving is the heart of our economy, innovation, and is what drives progression of humanity.  For example, the horse and buggy creates transportatin other than walking, the gasoline engine replaced horses, and now electric vehicles are replacing fossil fueled engines, all in the name of problem solving.  William Pollard said, “Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”  Change will happen whether you like it or not and you can either be an innovater or a leader and manifest your desired outcome or, be a follower and react to your changing envirnment.  By taking the initiative and becoming the leader of your fate you are doing so by embodying the fearless approach to self-discovery.  With that said, overcoming fear will help you overcome anxiety that comes with embarking upon new paths in life.


You Are Always on A Path

how to overcome fearJoseph Campbell said, “Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path, you are not on your own path.  If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.”  There will always be plenty of what frigtens people the most, fear of the uknown and you will never actualize your full potential without stepping into the unkown and allow self-discovery to happen.  Additionally, you will remain a prisoner of fear if you do not confront the abyss, where the fearless transformation takes place.  Robert Greene said, “The key to possessing this supreme power is assume the active mode in dealing with your fears.  This means entering the very arena’s you normally shy away from…”  You cannot overcome your fears by running from your problems.  To overcome your fears you must confont your source of potential trouble, communicate with what it is that you are afraid of, and from there you are in a positin to change the directin of your life even if change is what you are most afraid of.  You cannot manifest your destiny while under the suppression of people who are playing power games with you, if you are living on the fence of undecicive decisons, and you cannot discover your maximum potential if you allow fear of any sort reserve your intentions.


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