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My name is Nolan Thomas McDonnell, I am from San Jose, CA, and I was shot in the head.  On April 23, 2017 my car was surrounded by six people when a gunman shot at me through my drivers side window.   When the shooter saw that I was still alive he put the gun against  the left side of my head and pulled the trigger causing the bullet to enter  the left side of my brain and project out the right.  With that being said, from my would be death bed I began sharing my positive perspective on life and I continue to do so here on my blog as I share my journey with you.


About Me

IMG_0015(1)I have three awesome brothers and three wonderful sisters.  I love my family, friends, I enjoy socializing and forming new friendships, reading, writing, and seeking a higher state of consciousness.  Life is about becoming a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today and adversity provides the means that forces personal growth.  Additionally, adversity forces you to find untapped power inside yourself that you never knew you had.  A quote I live by is from Sun Tzu who said, “Put your men in the face of death, there is nothing they cannot overcome.”  Before having my brains blown out I thought it would be impossible to survive such a thing however, in the face of death I had no other choice.  With that said, in any moment during my recovery, especially when I was paralyzed from the neck down, I remembered how close I was to death which gave me both the strength and  motivation to get as far away from that state of being as possible.

goldline prudt KINDLEBackground and Achievements

I am the author of the published book The Power of Perspective, the host of my podcast Thoughts on Life, and sole author of this website.  With that said, I am a double major in communications and history.  In college I was in a national honors society, held a 3.7 GPA, and I was a volunteer tutor as well.

Prior to going to college I worked in construction and I had a real estate licence however, I was terribly unhappy so I moved to Southern California to explore life and experience personal growth.


Me after a day of triathlon training

I excelled in athletics, specifically in, soccer skateboarding, bodybuilding, swimming, running, and mountain biking. and triathlon training.  Additionally, I enjoyed playing basketball at the park as well.

Sports that I enjoyed, but would not do consistently include, wake-boarding, snowboarding, surfing, and skim-boarding.  With that said, the thing I enjoy most about fitness is the mind body connection self-awareness, and discipline that you get from exercise.






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11 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. You are truly an amazing young man. Following you on Facebook and I am so impressed with your push to keep moving forward. Such a wonderful inspiration.
    Cant wait to see what your future holds.

  2. Nolan,
    I enjoy watching your progress on facebook. This blog is an amazing idea and you will inspire many people. I will check out your book and podcast and share your blog to my fb friends. Keep smiling!

  3. You give hope to all of us who are caregivers to loved ones with TBIs. I believe that God is the ultimate healer, but he gives us the power to learn how to help give others the best chance of recovery. You are a piece of that. Thank you, Nolan!

  4. Nolan, you are truly an inspiration to all, especially me. Thank you for sharing your journey my friend. ❤️

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